Why sell?

What are some of the reasons individuals sell their minerals or royalties?

Getting The Most Out of Your Assets: Production from an oil and gas well will decline over time. Therefore, you may want to cash in your minerals and royalties before the well production begins to diminish. Also, taking into consideration the fluctuating prices of energy commodities such as oil and gas, selling now may allow you get a better price for your minerals and royalties.

Needing Quick Cash: Instant cash flow is a big factor. If this income is not a significant part of your total income, selling would be an easy way to receive extra cash. Once the offer is accepted, our Title Analysts will handle all paperwork necessary in completing this transfer. Simple, Easy and Fast.

Simplifying Tax Planning and Estate Planning: Taxes and Estate Planning can be costly. If your minerals and royalties will be divided or scattered among several heirs you may want to eliminate the cost of management, taxes and paperwork to your heirs by cashing in your interests and receiving a lump sum.